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Youngkin Rips Law Northam Signed Forcing Virginia to Follow California’s Radical EV Rule

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin sounded off on Tuesday about a bill his predecessor signed into law that would tie the commonwealth’s emission policies to California’s radical plan to phase out new gas vehicles by 2035.

Speaking to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Youngkin said Republicans are pushing hard to reverse the law by January’s legislative session.

“We’re going to go to work and stop this because Virginians should be making decisions for Virginians,” Youngkin said, claiming that most residents were not aware of what Northam signed. 

“Little did they know that they had signed legislation and tied Virginia to decisions that will be made in California, so not only did they pick a state that has demonstrated it has no idea how to run itself, but they abdicated their responsibility to serve Virginians,” he added.

Given that only 2 percent of cars sold in the commonwealth last year were electric, Youngkin said it’s “just ridiculous” to believe the state will phase new gas cars out completely by 2035. 

“What Virginians and Americans are worried about is inflation, and schools, a solid education, parents being listened to and safety in their communities,” he continued. “Yet, here we have this Virginia legislature under Democrat rule last year forget that they work for Virginians and tie them to California. So this is a chance to reestablish Virginians making decisions for Virginians based on leaders they elect.”

Democrats control the state Senate by one seat, but Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears is hopeful Republicans “can get at least a few sensible Democrat legislators to say, ‘not here, not in Virginia.'”

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