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Why a Liberal Magazine’s Article About the FBI’s Trump Raid Is an Incredible Self-Own

It’s almost too stupid to attack, but they pushed me to do this. It’s an ongoing debate: are liberals this dense, or is it just a sociopathic tendency to lie to protect the Democratic Party? There’s no wrong answer. It’s a political Rorschach test that will be never-ending, so let me present to you what The Atlantic decided to print about the FBI’s August 8 Mar-a-Lago raid. You’ve all seen the photograph of the classified documents taken from Trump’s home by the FBI, haphazardly tossed on the floor for federal agents to hold a Vogue cover shoot of the purported damning evidence. It led to one writer concluding that the fact that classified materials were discovered shows that Trump would be prosecuted if he weren’t president.

Ignorance has hit the ceiling. First, the president can take classified materials with him upon leaving office. Congress somewhat expects this, hence the federally funded staff for a former president that comes with security clearances and Secret Service protection. The government also overclassifies everything. The president can declassify whatever he wants—he holds absolute authority on that matter. Third, because he has that power, no president could ever be charged with mishandling classified information. It was letters, dinner menus, and cocktail napkins, folks. There were no nuclear secrets in that pile, and even the core premise of The Atlantic piece is wrong. Hillary Clinton was never charged with what should have been multiple counts of mishandling sensitive materials.

The Presidential Records Act is also not a criminal statute— I’ll keep repeating that one—and the endless stories of Trump lawyers and those from the National Archives going back and forth about the documents in question show cooperation. So, again, there’s another obstruction of justice allegation that has been grounded into a powder.

Also, there is no standard here. The media is trying to deliver revenge for Clinton and the email story, which is equally perplexing since the liberal media were the ones to report on her unauthorized and unsecured email server. The system from which she conducted all official State Department business while serving in the Obama administration. We piled on, but The New York Times and others were on her like horse flies. Second, the FBI never raided her home and seized documents. Third, the FBI never did a deposition of the former first lady under oath. Hillary had staffers alter classification markers on her emails. She transmitted classified information through a server that was infiltrated by foreign entities. She deleted 33,000 emails under federal subpoena and destroyed government-issued Blackberries with hammers. Unlike Trump, who has the authority to handle and declassify such materials, Clinton did not. So, even the standard they claim to be highlighting with this Trump Mar-a-Lago raid is nonexistent. If anything, it shows that Trump should be off the hook entirely post haste.

The liberal media, like their Democratic Party allies, always find a way to fall and break their face.

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