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Who Is This Kid? Middle Schooler Caused Teacher to Have a Mini-Freak Out Over Pronouns

Our schools are a wreck. There was already an issue with American students falling woefully behind in the fields of math and science, a lingering issue made worse by the burgeoning education bureaucracy that spawned from this crisis. Called “the blob” by education activists, the learning deficiencies within our system got compounded by the rise of political correctness, critical race theory, and other forms of academic fraud peddled as educational material. Then, came the pronouns games, along with what seems like a pervasive trend of teachers doling out puberty blockers and not telling parents the gender identity of their kids. The hallways of America’s schools sure have changed, and then a nuke got dropped during the COVID lockdowns. 

This gap from keeping kids out of school over a very survivable virus has created a breach that may never be fixed, especially given the political games at play regarding education. So, we must take the small victories, like this middle schooler who totally owned his teacher regarding the pronoun game. As you all know, a successful brainwashing program starts when students are young, where they soak up everything like a sponge. The teacher took to Tik Tok to vent about her student, who said his pronouns were “banana” and “rock.” 

The hilarity is sky high. The student is obviously a male since she refers to the student using “he/him,” which are his real, scientifically based pronouns, lady. She got owned. The teacher expounds on how she feels the student might be mocking the whole pronoun system. Lady, if a kid saying he identifies as a “banana” or a “rock,” what do you think? Liberalism isn’t about critical thinking or common sense. Here’s some solid evidence to that effect. This student is a hero who has parents who are raising him right. He’s a little saboteur who is redirecting the Left’s fire back into the ship. Give him ‘A’ in all his classes. 

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