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What Biden’s Press Secretary Said About Roe Should Have Led to Her Removal From the Briefing Room

She is abysmal at her job. Biden White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a historic hire; therefore, she has ironclad job security. She can’t be fired, so we need to endure these braindead lectures from a White House whose agenda is just as defective. Jean-Pierre decided to hurl this zinger at the Supreme Court, declaring their decision to overturn Roe unconstitutional.

The body that decides what’s constitutional or not is guilty of being unconstitutional. KJP is the last person who needs to be weighing in on the abortion issue. The decision has been rendered. Roe is over. Get over it. There’s also nothing in the Constitution about abortion. There is no constitutional right to an abortion. Roe v. Wade was a shoddy legal argument. This issue returns to the legislative process, where it can be legally decided. A law can be passed to permit abortion, and there could be one that bans it. It will take years, but now Democrats need to defend their extremist position that babies can be killed until birth, which should be taxpayer-funded. 

Given how the Left has become emotional wrecks over the Dobbs decision, they’re off to a rough start with selling their abortion position. It will remain that way since this side can’t even define what a woman is, and they think men can get pregnant.

For the most part, Americans support abortion rights but want hard limits on it. They’re not for partial birth or late-term abortion. Most would like to ban it after 15-20 weeks. That’s not good enough for the Left. Still, we can’t even get to that part of the debate because one side is so concerned about not offending trans people that we’re delving into science fiction.

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