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We Are Being Groomed – The American Conservative

Got this from a reader who is a member of a state National Guard. He said:

This is what consumed the [state] National Guard on a recent duty weekend.

What sane person would join this?

Why indeed? You want to serve your state in the Guard, but then the damn military social engineers force this on you. Normal, sane men are going to stay away from that. They are going to need to seek other ways to serve and defend their communities.

Future historians are going to be puzzled over how and why so many elite institutions were captured by activist for sexual minority causes that led to truly bizarre outcomes. At the Boise (Idaho) Pride festival, they offered child drag queen performances:

How did it become normal in this country to have little boys dressing like women and vamping provocatively on stage for the entertainment of adults? Why are the people who do this not in jail? If they were pushing little girls to perform like this, would we be fine with it?

Take a look at this. It’s a list of sponsors of the Boise Pride festival:

It would have been unimaginable just a few years ago that Woke Capitalists like these would have wanted their brands associated with the transsexualization of children. But here we are.

Chris Rufo says:

Rufo and Michael Young have put together a very useful handbook to explain to parents what gender ideology is, and how it threatens their families. Download it here. Anecdotally, I find that so many normie parents don’t really understand any of this, and feel intense pressure from the media and from activists in their communities to conform to it. I spoke the other day to a friend who lives in a small town, and who said that her church is trending this way, simply because most people, however uncomfortable all of this makes them, are terrified of being seen as unkind.

Something deeply sick has overtaken us as a people. I write the same thing almost every day. I’m sick of doing it, but I look around me and struggle to believe what has happened to my country. How did we become a people who allows this disgusting sexual exploitation of our children? How did this perversion — drag kids, the sexual mutilation of children, etc. — conquer the heights of American culture and capitalism?

To refine the National Guardsman’s question: Why should any sane person want to defend this corrupt social order?

A Christian friend whose opinion I respect counseled me to quit writing all these culture war posts. The war has been lost, he said. Better to spend your time and energy trying to construct arks within which we can ride out the storm. I agree with him, mostly, but I can’t give up the fight just yet, even though I believe it’s a fight we are going to lose, or mostly lose. Why not? Because there are some people who might yet be saved. There are some parents out there of a child on the autism spectrum, who will read this stunning testimony by Christina Buttons, who is an Aspie, see their own child, and save the kid from being sucked into the trans trap. We have to fight because it’s the honorable thing to do — but we must ALSO make plans for the long resistance.

I’m going to give a couple of talks this week at churches in Nashville, and I plan to emphasize to the congregations that we are not living in the America in which many of us grew up. That country is gone. We are in Babylon now. We are ruled by predatory and corrupt institutions — chief among them Woke Capitalists — that want to steal the hearts and minds of our kids.

Something very deep and sinister is happening. At any other time in American history, we would have clearly been able to see how wrong and disordered this stuff was, involving sexualizing children, and, in the case of transitioning them, mutilating their minds and their bodies to impose will on nature. This is Aleister Crowley level evil. And just like that, overnight, it has conquered the heights of American culture.

Funny, but a couple of years ago, a young man who had recently left the Crowley cult came to our church. He eventually left the city, but before he did, he told me how strange it was for him to read the works of Crowley, written almost a century ago, and to learn all the changes in culture and society Crowley hoped to bring about through the practice of transgressive ritual sex. Almost all of it is now mainstream, the young man said.

You think pedophilia is going to remain taboo? Have you heard about how far pedophilia enthusiasm went in Germany in the 1970s and 1980s? The Green Party had to apologize in 2014 for its enthusiastic embrace of pederasty at its founding. From The New Republic:

Although it is little remembered these days, the move to legalize pedophilia in the 1980s went farbeyond Germany. In the United States, the Childhood Sensuality Circle and, more notoriously, North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) advocated (with little success) for legalized pedophilia, and other countries, including the Netherlands, Canada and the UK, had similar movements. But the movement fared exceedingly well in the unique political climate of West Germany, where the Nazi past made the left especially sensitive (and, in some cases, susceptible) to arguments about individual freedom. “It was a widely-held belief in West Germany that sexual freedom was a way to prevent authoritarianism,” says Stephan Klecha, one of the researchers who worked on the report. “That debate about fascism was very German.” 

One popular reference point, both in West Germany and elsewhere, was the writings of Wilhelm Reich, a leftist Austrian psychiatrist who died in 1957. An influential pupil of Freud, Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism argued that the rise of authoritarianism could be tied to the “suppression of the natural sexuality of the child.” And West Germany had another prominent symbol for the movement: an anarchist journalist named Peter Schult, who remained a figure of reverence on the left despite the fact that he openly described himself as a “pederast.” In 1976, he was convicted of bringing a young girl home with him with the intention of sexually abusing her. 

The period’s experimental sexual climate led to shocking projects, some of which were only publicized decades later. In the late 1960s, for example, a prominent sexual researcher named Helmut Kentler created a pilot program in which he arranged for illiterate young teenagers to move in with three known West Berlin pedophiles in the hopes that they could then learn to live “proper, unremarkable lives.” In a later report he explained that he believed the “three men would do so much to help ‘their’ boys because they had a sexual relationship with them.”  

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, groups like the Indianerkommune (which fought in favor of “autonomy” for children) and the German Study and Work Group on Pedophilia made surprising inroads into German political parties. A youth group affiliated with the FDP, the country’s liberal party, adopted pro-pedophilia resolutions in 1980. During last year’s election, an FDP politician—who is now a mother of three—had to withdraw her candidacy after one of the Greens’ researchers discovered an early essay of hers describing how her “wishes and needs can only be satisfied by a child, especially a girl.” The pro-pedophilia movement had even more success within the German Green Party, which was formed in 1980 as a vehicle for various left-wing causes, and actually managed, as the Trittin scandal showed, to have its goals taken up by segments of the party itself.

Watch for the rise of pedophiles described as “Minor Attracted Persons”. We live in a country now where there is a major effort, supported by top corporations, to destigmatize all sexual variance and expression. We are being groomed. Albertson’s, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Zions Bank, Hewlett Packard, T-Mobile, Target, and so many others are part of it.

UPDATE: Grooming in Canada:

When a Grade One teacher at an Ottawa elementary school told her class about gender fluidity and that there was no such thing as boys and girls, Pam Buffone’s daughter was left confused and unsettled, the mother says.

She and her husband eventually complained to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging the school had discriminated against the six-year-old based on her sex and gender identity.

But a tribunal adjudicator has just ruled the Ottawa public-school board did not violate the girl’s rights with its gender-themed instruction, saying there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material.

It may mark the first legal ruling in Canada on what has become — in the United States at least — a hot-button issue: the appropriateness of teaching primary-aged school children about gender identity.

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