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WaPo blasts Biden for saying the pandemic is over

Since the beginning of the pandemic, critics have claimed “without evidence” (lol) that leftists will exploit the pandemic for their political agenda. So, to editor emeritus Courtney Kirchoff and the other conspiracy theorists out there, you can add this Washington Post clipping to your “I Was Right” scrapbook.

Joe Biden announced on “60 Minutes” that the pandemic was over. He’s the president. He just ended the pandemic! The White House was quick to issue a response:

It would appear Biden forgot to tell his public health experts that the pandemic was over, and Ol’ Puddinghead has already stated all he knows is what they tell him. Side note, critics also claim “without evidence” (lol) that Biden doesn’t ackshually run the White House, but let’s focus on one conspiracy at a time.

Quick to blast Biden (from the left, natch) was The Washington Post to tell Joey that, no, the pandemic was not over. This paragraph of leftist policy that has nothing to do with SCHMOVID or flattening any curve stands out:

Mr. Biden has not ended the official pandemic emergency. When the official emergency ends, some 15 million will lose Medicaid coverage; the reason for a student loan repayment pause will end; the rationale for Trump-era border restrictions, still held in place by a court, will disappear. All this policy transition must not be done carelessly or hastily.

If Joe Biden ends the pandemic, all of the TEMPORARY policies–or the excuse for the temporary policies–will go away. That’s why the more leftist leaders among us keep extending the emergency powers. I would never say that a certain group of people viewed the pandemic as a GREAT opportunity to RESET policies on behalf of that certain group’s ideology. That’s for other people to say.

Emphasis on the student loan jive because the pandemic was the entire rationale for the White House to abuse a policy meant for 9/11 heroes so they and their supporters could have their student loans paid off. The White House made the student loan cancelation announcement less than a month ago. Less than a month later, Biden emphatically announces the rationale for that decision is over.

Or allegedly emphatically announces. The “independent” “fact” checkers haven’t been deployed to circle the wagons and tell us what Biden said isn’t what Biden meant.

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