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Vaccination Rates Plummet As More Celebrities Say They Won’t Hang Out With The Unvaccinated

U.S. – In a disastrous turn of affairs for the push to get more people vaccinated, rates have plummeted after Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities say they won’t communicate or hang out with people who aren’t vaccinated.

Aniston has vowed to block and cease all communication with the unvaccinated, making a very strong case for never getting the vaccine. Many say they would rather die of COVID than hear from celebrities.

“So, if I don’t get vaccinated, I never have to hear from Jennifer Aniston ever again? Say no more!” said one man, exiting the line to get the vaccine in front of a Los Angeles clinic. “This is great! Not being vaccinated now seems like one of the best value propositions of all time. Of all time!”

“Man, not being vaccinated may be the greatest choice I’ve ever made. I hope all the other celebrities follow in her footsteps.”

Following the announcement from Aniston, there was also a strong spike in Google searches for “can I reverse my vaccination”?

Sad! Not good!

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