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VA seen as another avenue for tax-funded abortion

The Biden administration is issuing an edict that all Veterans Administration medical facilities will do abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) tells AFN that includes states that legally forbid abortion.

“What is most egregious, can’t be overlooked, is that there is a law that has been on the books for 30 years,” Tobias notes. “It’s a section of the Veterans Health Care Act that explicitly forbids the Department of Veterans Affairs from providing abortions.”

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

Politico reports that the VA has submitted an interim final rule that would enable it to provide abortions when the life or health of a veteran or beneficiary is in peril, or in cases of rape or incest. It would also cover dependents under the agency’s Civilian Health and Medical Program. But according to NRLC, the new rule includes a broad, undefined “health” exception that would allow abortion for virtually any reason using taxpayer money.

Tobias says this is the latest display of the administration’s view that it is above the law.

“This administration is one of the worst … that we have ever had in just forging forward on what they want to do and not caring if they have the authority to do it or not,” she submits.

Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Lankford (R) has responded by noting that only Congress can change a law, and the president has to abide by it like everyone else.

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