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Twitter Flooded With Reports Of China Drones Terrorizing Citizens

This is about as dystopian, Orwellians, 1984-ish as it gets.

I mean, other than Biden’s speech from a few nights ago.

That was bad too.

It’s almost as if George Orwell literally saw the future, circa the 2022 Biden Regime years.

But this report is not about Biden or America.

This is arguably even worse.

Take a look at these videos being posted to Twitter reportedly from people in China, locked down in their homes, banned from going outside, and facing drones with cameras watching their every move.


We have not been able to independently verify the accuracy of these videos but there are a ton of them and by volume alone from diverse accounts appear to be legitimate.

Decide for youself.

Sound up as you watch these clips, it will make your hair stand on end.

What a terrible way to live:

How would you like to see this thing outside your window hovering and pointing a camera at you with a loudspeaker yelling at you?

Hell on Earth:

How soon before they add guns right next to the cameras?

Another day in your friendly Chinese neighborhood:


Conspiracy FACT:

Don’t forget spraying the chemicals…

Always have to spray the chemicals:

What would you do?

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