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Touching: LeBron Spends Time In The Backyard With His Son Teaching Him How To Flop

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Lebron James was spotted teaching his son Bronny basic basketball fundamentals on Tuesday, according to TMZ and assorted stalkers. In a touching father-son moment caught on camera, the NBA star taught his boy how to flop.

“Son, it’s time you learn to flop like a man,” said Lebron, dribbling the ball haphazardly. “Watch — come at me and try to steal the ball.”

His son gently moved against King James and barely brushed his hand against the NBA all-star, triggering an overexaggerated flop. Lebron hit the ground hard and rolled over back and forth, holding his leg.

“Dad, are you okay!?” his son cried.

Lebron began to laugh. “I got you! Free points for me!”

Bronny rolled his eyes. “You mean free throws.”

“I know what I said, son.”

According to sources, Lebron also discussed flopping strategy at length. “When should you flop? All the time. How far should you go? All the way,” he instructed. “If you don’t have real tears in your eyes and everyone doesn’t feel sorry for you, you failed, kid.”

LeBron was seen again that evening showing Bronny how to pretend to have read the biography of Malcolm X.

We’ve obtained an exclusive scene from an upcoming episode of The Rings of Power:

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