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The Job Pelosi Reportedly Wants if Dems Lose House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly planning her next move if Republicans retake the House in November, as expected. 

The California Democrat wants President Biden to tap her as the next U.S. ambassador to Italy, according to a Fox News report. 

While it was reported in February that Stephen Robert would be nominated, no announcement was ever made and the spot remains open. 

So far, 101 Biden ambassador nominees have been confirmed by the Senate, but Biden has been slow to name ambassadors to several countries, including Italy. 

About a quarter (27%) of the 194 ambassador positions are currently without a Senate-confirmed official.

Presidents typically reserve ambassador posts in the most desirable locations for the people who have helped propel them to the White House, such as political operatives and donors. (Fox News)

The residence, Villa Taverna, has a three-story wine cellar, a private pool, and private gardens. 

“I’m told she wants the job and Joe Biden is saving the seat for her. We’ll have to wait and see,” Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo said.

Pelosi spent two weeks in Italy in July during the congressional recess at the ritzy Alpemare Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi, which is when speculation about the ambassadorship possibly being saved for the Democrat picked up steam.

Italy is the only G-7 country that doesn’t have a U.S. ambassador. One “highly placed Italian source” told Global Insider it’s “simply absurd and self-defeating for Washington” to have no one there. 

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