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Stacey Abrams makes shocking claim about abortion

Democrats still think the Supreme Court overturn of Roe v Wade is going to lead them to victory in November. It sure as dookie isn’t the economy, immigration, cost of living, the direction of America, or what an inspiring leader Joe Biden is. Abortion is all they have. They’re running it into the ground as if it’s a seventy-eight-year-old elderly man being Weekend-at-Bernie’d around the Oval Office. Stacey Abrams shows how desperate Democrats are to make abortion a thing.

Abrams, a former election denier before denying elections became something frowned upon, is so extreme when it comes to abortion that she not only wants no limits, she also claims a fetal heartbeat is something made up by the patriarchy.

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

The reason why most common sense abortion restrictions make the attempt to find common ground at six weeks is that it’s when you can hear a heartbeat. Thus, a viable life. Abortion extremists who insist on abortion up until right before the baby comes out don’t like that, so they are trying to push a talking point that it’s not a heartbeat. It’s an electrical glitch. Stacey Abrams is the first to blame men for it.

If you follow the science — for now, because the left hasn’t shamed the science into being changed yet — you know that six weeks is NOT when you first hear a heartbeat. It’s four weeks. Or, it’s four weeks according to the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

An act of desperation on Abrams’ part? Mayhaps. With less than two months to go, she is over six points behind sitting Governor Jack Kemp. That’s six points before a red supernova is expected to wash over America in November.

Blaming men that they made up a heartbeat. That’s a new one.

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