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Some experts say memory of Louisville event is fading

The historical marker remembering “Bloody Monday” in Louisville, Kentucky.
(Photo: Michael Clevenger/The Courier-Journal)

On August 6, 1855, Louisville was the stage of one of the worst sets of anti-immigrant riots in American history.

On that day history would ultimately call “Bloody Monday,” German and Irish Catholic immigrants who had come to the city to start new lives and exercise their rights as American citizens were instead beaten, stabbed and shot in the streets.

More than 20 people were killed that day amid the fighting, that was instigated by the Know Nothing Party, a Protestant political group that feared the waves of foreigners coming into the country were a threat to American democracy.

Nearly 170 years later, historical experts say the city has come a long way. Louisville is now considered one of the most welcoming cities in America for immigrants and boasts a diverse Catholic community.

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