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Ron DeSantis opponent throws event and no press showed up

To paraphrase one of the greatest political minds of your generation, Toby Ziegler, it’s never good to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing. Ron DeSantis may have gotten ahead of himself with his unofficial 2024 launch on Thursday. But have you seen his 2022 opponents? I need a drink first if I’m going to go over all the ways Charlie Crist sucks at life. But Nikki Fried posts all her fails on the internet for the world to see.

Most recently, the Florida commissioner of agriculture held a virtual press event for which, allegedly, no press showed up.

I say “allegedly” because this obviously wasn’t the source material. Music was added for comedic effect. However, if that’s the original music… it’s its own unintentional comedic effect. And if I got fooled by it, I’m not alone.

Also, I have to be careful saying no reporters showed up. They could have shown up… and just not cared to ask her a question. That would be even more embarrassing. Even if a journalismer didn’t care what Fried was talking about, you’d think they would at least ask, “Hey, what about that thing Ron DeSantis said at the place? Care to comment?”

The one time a reporter remembered the name “Nikki Fried” long enough to ask DeSantis about her, the governor went beastmode as he is known to do. Yet, in either their absence or their silence, no one in the press cared what this gubernatorial candidate had to say.

How embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as Charlie Crist holding a pro-abortion rally where literally tens of people showed up.

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