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Reformed Parents Devastated After Catching Son Reading Max Lucado Book In Bedroom

PITTSBURGH, PA – Local teenager Jackson Oliver was reportedly so engrossed in his secret reading of Max Lucado’s hit book Facing Your Giants in his bedroom Wednesday afternoon that he did not hear his Reformed parents return from the supermarket. As his mother burst in the door to ask him to come help set the table for dinner, Oliver jumped up from his bed and attempted to hide the book under his pillow – but it was too late.

“You show me that book right now!” his mother yelled, according to sources.

Her fears were indeed confirmed, as the boy had hidden an extensive collection of Max Lucado, Rick Warren, and Bruce Wilkinson books under his pillows and mattress. Ashamed, he allegedly produced over thirty inspirational volumes, hanging his head in obvious embarrassment.

“Honey, you’re gonna want to see this,” Mrs. Oliver called out, hands trembling and eyes welling up with tears. “Oh, Jackson, how could you?”

When Mr. Oliver saw the pile, his jaw dropped, but he tried to control his temper and remain compassionate and loving. “I am so disappointed – but son, I struggled with this too when I was your age,” he said, sitting on the bed next to him and putting his arm around the boy. “We have to guard our hearts, and choose to delight in works that satisfy – like Bunyan or Edwards.”

At publishing time, Oliver’s parents had taken away his library privileges and set him up with an accountability partner assigned from their presbytery.

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