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Racist woman says whites cannot be nonbinary

I want to preface this entire story by saying that nobody can be nonbinary because the entire notion is moronic and nonsensical. So, in that regard, I agree that white people cannot be nonbinary–but then, neither can any other person, regardless of the particular color of their skin.

While this woman’s incredibly retarded rant about how white people cannot be nonbinary is, on its own, terribly racist–in addition to be moronic and nonsensical–what I find to reach new heights of racism is the total refusal to even say the word “white.” I mean, even the most rabid klansman has no issue saying the word “black,” even if it is said in the context of ignorant and unfounded hatred. This woman, though, can’t even bring herself to do that.

“I don’t really believe that you could be [white] and nonbinary. Something about it doesn’t make sense to me. How are you going to be [white] and nonbinary, but it’s [white] people who invented the gender binary? It’s [white] people who uphold the gender binary. It’s [white] people who spread the gender binary around the world to justify the oppression of black and brown people globally. It’s something about that doesn’t make sense.”

Look, I don’t think very much in this world makes sense to this woman. In fact, I would be surprised to find she actually understands anything.

What worries me even more than this ignorant tool bag and her imbecilic, racist word vomit is the fact that she felt so comfortable broadcasting it. Our culture is such that this oxygen thief believed she’d be given kudos for what she’s said, and I have no doubt that she received plenty of pats on the head and comments: “You go xir!” That’s what our popular culture is.

This idiot isn’t alone. There are enough people who believe in the exact same thing that this will go viral amongst the left. She’ll be a champion of the marginalized, rooting out white supremacy from the T part of the LGBTQ+ community. So super beautiful and ultra-brave!

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