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Punk tries stealing from Asian vape shop owner

The Summer of Love riots led the way for defund-the-police adjacent elected officials who got elected on their brand of “criminal justice reform.” Then they got elected, and they reformed criminal justice to where criminals were empowered to break laws that were no longer being enforced, except in Florida, where America’s Governor don’t play that. That’s why people, such as the Asian vape shop owner you are about to see, need to take matters into their own hands.

We here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website had every intention of making the anti-Biden delivery man your palate cleanser to send you into the weekend. Consider this a bonus since you’ve been such great content consumers.

“I’m dead. I’m dead.”

No, the only thing dead was your dignity as you squealed like a little biyatch as your partner left you behind. Seriously, what did you grab? A few vape pens and maybe a Juul cartridge? If you are going to commit what used to be a crime, at least have a plan. Don’t just randomly smash and see what you manage to leave with. I know you’re a useless thug, but try to have some self-respect for yourself.

At one point, we were supposed to #StopAsianHate, but that was when the media thought it was Trump supporters angry about the schmaronavirus. But Asians seem to be doing a good job stopping it on their own. We’ve seen it in Dallas. We’ve seen it on the streets of New York. And we’ve now seen it in Las Vegas.

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