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Oh, So This Is What Ex-DA Chesa Boudin’s Doing Next

Oh, So This Is What Ex-DA Chesa Boudin’s Doing Next

Ex-San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin — the woke prosecutor who got recalled in the deep-blue city for his policies that let lawlessness reign — broke his silence on his loss at the ballot box that saw Democrats boot one of their own in June. 

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Boudin — who was raised by “unrepentant terrorist” and Obama buddy Bill Ayers — engaged in a significant revision of history. Speaking of his lenient and woke prosecutorial guidelines, Boudin said the “progressive prosecutor” movement for which he advocated “makes our communities stronger & safer.” But they don’t, and they definitely didn’t in San Francisco where the city’s Democrat voters removed him from office after their city streets became too dangerous to ignore. 

Boudin explained that his family obligations — a young son, his wife’s research at UC, his father getting released from prison after 40 years for domestic terrorism activity as a member of SDS and the Weather Underground, and the recent loss of his mother — are now weighing on him.

As such, Boudin said that he is “choosing” to put his family first — despite the fact that he wouldn’t have made that choice without San Francisco voters putting him out of a job — and “will not be running for office in 2022.”

Again revising history, Boudin sought to do some legacy framing while he sits out this year’s elections. “We made a lot of progress in a short period of time,” Boudin stated in his attempt to claim that his office’s “restorative justice work” didn’t just toss violent criminals back on the streets of San Francisco to reoffend. 

“That work was just the beginning; I had hoped it would become the foundation for continued progress,” Boudin whined. “I am gravely concerned by what I’ve seen from the current, appointed District Attorney” he added — that is, the punishment of those who break the law in accordance with the severity of the crimes they commit, including stiffer sentences for drug dealers. 

“We have heard no assurances that the successful programs we’ve implemented will continue, and indeed, we see worrying signs every day as progress is rolled back,” Boudin fretted. Well, the people of San Francisco removed Boudin from office for a reason — and those failures to deter and punish criminals are, thankfully, being remedied by the appointed replacement for Boudin.  

Boudin claimed that the news he won’t be running this November “will come as a disappointment to many who are dedicated to reform,” but there weren’t that many — otherwise Boudin wouldn’t have been recalled. 

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