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Nikki Haley fires back at racial attack from ‘The View’ co-host Sunny Hostin: ‘It’s racist of you to judge my name’

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin racially disparaged Republican Nikki Haley on Tuesday, suggesting Haley intentionally hides her Indian heritage.

Wait, what?

While speaking about potential 2024 presidential candidates, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said she wants to see “new blood” in the Republican Party.

When pressed on which Republicans are both conservative enough to secure the Republican nomination, but moderate enough to compete in a general election, Griffin suggested Haley as one such individual.

“Nikki Haley, the chameleon,” Hostin interrupted.

“I think Nikki Haley was incredibly effective as the governor of South Carolina,” Griffin responded.

“What is her real name, again,” Hostin followed up.

“A lot of people don’t go by their actual name,” Griffin noted. “I don’t want to mispronounce it — it’s Indian.”

“I think if she leaned into being someone of color, this would be different,” Hostin shot back, suggesting Haley runs from her ethnic heritage.

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Later, Griffin defended Haley — whose legal name is Nimrata Nikki Haley — by correctly noting that Haley has gone by “Nikki” since her childhood.

“Nikki Haley has gone by ‘Nikki’ since she was a child — it’s documented,” Griffin pointed out. “I wouldn’t be shocked that as an Indian woman growing up in South Carolina at that time, she actually did it to avoid prejudice.”

But Hostin only doubled down.

“There’s some of us that can be chameleons and decide not to embrace our ethnicity so that we can pass, so that we don’t have to worry —” Hostin said before co-host Sara Haines interjected.

Haines, in fact, exposed the hypocrisy of Hostin’s criticism, pointing out that Hostin also doesn’t use her legal first name: Asunción.

Cornered by this inconvenient fact, Hostin then excused herself from exactly what she criticized Haley for by claiming most Americans cannot correctly pronounce her Hispanic name.

“Most Americans can’t pronounce ‘Asunción’ because of the under-education in our country,” Hostin claimed.

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How did Haley respond?

The former United Nations ambassador called Hostin “racist” for her disparaging comments — and highlighted the double standard Hostin employed.

“Thanks for your concern @Sunny. It’s racist of you to judge my name.

Nikki is an Indian name and is on my birth certificate—and I’m proud of that,” Haley said. “What’s sad is the left’s hypocrisy towards conservative minorities.

“By the way, last I checked Sunny isn’t your birth name…” she pointed out.

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