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New Book Alleges Trump Requested a Special T-Shirt to Wear Leaving Walter Reed Post-COVID Infection

The Trump White House tell-all books are based on fiction. Imagine any outlandish escapade allegedly committed within the walls of 1600 during this presidency, and any publishing group would dole out serious money for the story. Even if it weren’t true—the advances would be life-changing for the chance to allow a rabid and unhinged liberal readership base to confirm their own biases. Past inside-the-White-House series, like Bob Woodward’s Bush at War, at least carried some credibility, even if you disagreed with the text. With Trump, every story attacking him is more of a caricature, grossly untrue, and detailed by those who already hate him. Maggie Haberman’s book on Trump differs slightly from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.”

First, “Fire and Fury” had incorrect details, which Wolff admitted might be in the pages of this piece of fiction when promoting it. Haberman might earn the ire of conservatives since she’s a New York Times reporter, but she hasn’t gone full-MSNBC when writing about the Trump White House. Liberals don’t like her because she doesn’t go ad hominem enough against Trump. As with any writer in the liberal media, some stories are good; some are atrocious. Rinse and repeat, but since we have a new Trump book, let’s go to this entertaining anecdote about Trump’s wardrobe request after his COVID infection. Upon leaving Walter Reed, the former president requested an aide give him a Superman t-shirt to wear, which he wanted to unveil to the press (via Axios): 

“He came up with a plan he told associates was inspired by the singer James Brown, whom he loved watching toss off his cape while onstage, but it was in line with his love of professional wrestling as well.”

[H]e would be wheeled out of Walter Reed in a chair and, once outdoors, he would dramatically stand up, then open his button-down dress shirt to reveal [a] Superman logo beneath it. (Trump was so serious about it that he called the campaign headquarters to instruct an aide, Max Miller, to procure the Superman shirts; Miller was sent to a Virginia big-box store.)

The fun part here is that whether it’s true or not, it’s both hilarious and ballsy. Could you imagine how CNN would have reacted if Trump went through with this alleged stunt? 

Then, there’s another alleged tale about him joking about Jared Kushner getting raped while camping, but you can read about that on your own.

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