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MUH DEMOCRACY! Ben Shapiro takes Karine Jean-Pierre and how she spoke about 74 million Americans APART in brutal thread –

Can you guys imagine if Kayleigh McEnany had ever said this about the morons who voted for Biden? Or Hillary? Or Obama? They’d be in the streets setting fires to buildings, looting Targets, and knocking over statues …

But you know, Trump voters are the real danger.

We can’t even make this crap up.

Per Karine Jean-Pierrre:

So if you voted for Trump you’re a threat to democracy.

Say what?

She could be representing a dictator in a third-world country.

In a way, she basically is.

Ben Shapiro chimed in:


And Karine speaks for the president, right?

Let us not forget Biden armed the Taliban …


Ben continued:

Right?! Because gosh, if he said stuff like that it would be really disconcerting and again, indicative more of a dictator than a president.



That’s right, Biden DID say all of that.

And he’ll likely say far worse tonight during his primetime, hate-filled speech.

It really is.

Let’s hope so.

The problem is, the braindead lawn flamingos who support Democrats are taking this and running with it. Biden is playing with fire, especially emboldening people on the Left who have violent tendencies anyway. It’s almost as if he wants violence.

We hope we’re wrong.

Better than a Basket of Deplorables? Maybe.


Because they’re weak, and that’s what weak people do.



THERE it is … we knew it! Nina Turner brings up reparations in student debt cancellation debate and eye-freakin’-roll

New phone, who DIS? Liz Cheney learns the hard (hilarious) way you NEVER bring a knife to a gunfight with Ted Cruz

Brit Hume DARES share WaPo op-ed questioning if Trump’s ‘pile of papers’ was just a prop and Lefties/#NeverTrump lose their damn MINDS


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