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MSM CENSORED TRUTH: How Trump Supported Blacks While Obama Supported Their Islamic Slave Masters

Mainstream American Media, on BOTH sides, cares nothing about truth. They simply print, or choose not to print, whatever serves their agenda. I’ve run this 2019 article a couple of times and I will probably run it again. Why?

Because history is being changed right before our eyes and we must fight, as much as possible, to make sure history recounts the REAL story.

Barack Obama, and his predecessors, supported the African slave nation of Mauritania and Donald Trump cut off American aid to the slave state. I can find ZERO evidence that a single national news publication reported this story. So let’s recycle it again because people need to know the truth. Trump fought against those who chose to enslave blacks while Obama chose to support Allah’s will.

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How can I say that? The “slave owners” were Muslim.

From October 20, 2019:

Mauritania is a real present day African Slave Nation, proudly endorsed by Obama, and President Trump is looking for sweeping reform that will free the slaves.

Mauritania is under a new President as of July, with new hope.

But, since Mauritania is a Muslim nation, President Trump may still have to undo the mess that previous Presidents helped create.

Below is a flashback/refresher from a July 2019 article I wrote.

I thought it needed to be featured again because the media calls Trump racist and he has proven time after time that he is the least racist president we have had in decades.

From July 2019…

This should be filed under “censored news” because I can find almost nothing about it in the mainstream media.

I was reading an article by Stephen Brown at FrontPageMag this evening and found this buried in an article about slavery in Mauritania:

And while leftists/liberals and their media establishment smear President Trump as a “racist,” it is telling that the U.S. president has done what the black ex-president Barack Obama never did: he ended trade benefits to Mauritania last November “due to insufficient progress in eradicating forced labor and slavery.”

Why hadn’t we heard about this America?

You know the answer to that.

The media is politics.

They will not print what does not fit their agenda.

So I did some digging…

And in the search results for “Trump cuts aid to Mauritania” I found this:

It’s important to note that some conservative outlets likely reported this, but they always get buried in Google search.

However, the fact that we don’t see any related articles from liberal MSM up top, likely means they did not bother with the story at all.

We have a couple of seemingly unrelated articles from American media and two from international media that seem to be related. So let’s look at what those two say.

From Quartz Africa (published November 2018):

The continuing practice of forced labour in Mauritania is starting to come at a heavy cost.

US president Donald Trump will end Mauritania’s trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) at the start of next year, the US trade representative’s office has announced. The decision comes following an annual review of eligibility for AGOA which permits duty-free trade for certain goods. Mauritania, the trade office says, does not meet the requirement for trade benefits as it has not made enough progress to end forced labour.

Mauritania’s slow moving process of abolishing the practice of slavery has also been echoed by the African Union. In January, the body ruled that Mauritania has not adequately enforced its anti-slavery laws and also hands out lenient sentences to slave owners. Despite becoming the world’s last country to abolish slavery in 2007, an estimated 90,000 of Mauritania’s 4 million citizens still live in modern slavery conditions.

The west African country ranks sixth out of 167 in the Global Slavery Index and is also known for jailing anti-slavery activists. Slavery is culturally ingrained in Mauritania where ethnic Haratins have been caught in a decades-long cycle of servitude.

To get its AGOA eligibility status and trade benefits restored, Mauritania, one of the world’s poorest countries, will have to “eradicate forced labour and hereditary slavery,” the US trade representative office says. It’s a condition that will likely be strongly considered by the country’s government given the high stakes: US imports from Mauritania totaled $61 million in 2017  up 22% from 2016. The top imports were mineral fuels, fish and fertilizers.

Read the rest…


From Middle East Monitor (also published in November 2018):

US President Donald Trump will end Mauritania’s trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) at the start of next year, the US trade representative’s office has announced.

The measure comes as pressure mounts on Mauritania to abolish slavery. In January, the African Union ruled that Mauritania has not adequately enforced its anti-slavery laws and also hands out lenient sentences to slave owners.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) allows duty-free trade for certain goods.

The said that “The American decision to prevent our country from the advantages of AGOA is trivial and meaningless.”

“We are the government that fought slavery with its own efforts without the slightest American support,” said the Mauritanian Minister of Culture and government spokesman Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed yesterday.

“When was the US administration interested in fighting slavery even within America itself?” he went on to ask.

Read the rest…


When was the US administration interested in fighting slavery even within America itself?


Why did Barack Obama AND previous presidents not take a stand against the horrific atrocities that are happening in Mauritania?

Everything you hear in the American media is pretty much Bull $hit! (Excuse my profanity but sometimes you have to call it what it is)

Thank You FrontPageMag for enlightening us.

In case you are wondering how that situation is developing, please hop on over to Stephen Brown’s article for the latest.


It seems there is still much work to do there.

But at least we have a President who is willing to do what is right REGARDLESS of whether or not he gets credit for it.

It’s been a long time since America has had that.

Thank You President Trump.

Please share this article far and wide.

People need to know that our President is not a racist and is doing more to end slavery than Barack Obama (or his predecessors) ever did.

The Democrats were the party of slavery and racism in America.

Democrats and Historical Racism…

Trump a Racist?

#####End of 2019 Article#####

Please notice that the sources I used in the 2019 article were from Africa. FrontPageMag, an American publication, directed me to the story by simply having a paragraph buried in an article on another subject. Still, FrontPageMag is not exactly a mainstream news source, nor is DC Clothesline. They keep censoring smaller sites that tell truth while you read almost zero real news on either mainstream or “conservative” news sites.

My health has failed over the years folks, but I’m still trying to get as much truth out as possible before I eventually enter the “Kingdom of Truth.” God Bless You ALL.

Dean Garrison is the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. He suffered a stroke and went blind a little over 2 years ago. His eyes are surgically prepared now and he’s trying to resurrect his websites while disabled. Reprint permission is granted in part or full for this article. Follow Dean on GETTR, GAB and Truth Social.

More from Dean…


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