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‘Monsoon on steroids’ has flooded vast swaths of Pakistan, disturbing satellite images show

New satellite images show the extent of the catastrophic floods now inundating Pakistan, leaving approximately one-third of the country underwater. The worst of the floods occurred along a stretch of the Indus River that overflowed, forming a massive lake.

The flooding, driven by unusually heavy monsoon rains, has affected more than 33 million people in Pakistan and killed more than 1,100 since mid-June, including hundreds of children, NPR reported (opens in new tab). Millions of acres of cropland, thousands of miles of roads and more than a million homes have been damaged by the floodwaters. In a video posted to Twitter, Sherry Rehman, a Pakistani senator and the country’s top climate official, called the historic floods “serious climate catastrophe, one of the hardest in the decade.”

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