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Miscreant Caught Urinating Every Morning on Grave of Ex-Wife He Abandoned Decades Ago – PJ Media

Two siblings went to visit their mother’s grave in Orangetown, N.Y., and found baggies of feces next to her tombstone. They assumed it was left by a careless dog walker. Then it happened again—more poop in ziplock bags. This time they took action.

The brother, Michael Murphy, and his sister, Renee Eichler Barragan, got permission from the cemetery to set up trail cameras in the nearby trees to catch the fecal felon.

After several days, they looked at the grainy pictures, and it was worse than they thought. They were shocked to find that a man their mother was briefly married to in the 1970s, who abandoned her when she was pregnant, was going to their mom’s grave almost every morning between 6:14 and 6:18 and urinating on their mother’s final resting spot, sometimes leaving bags of dooty.

“I don’t know if the man owns a dog, or is sh*tting in a bag himself, or is getting some dog sh*t,” Murphy told The New York Post. “All I know is that he’s using my mother’s grave as his toilet every morning.”

The pictures were too blurry for the police, so Murphy and his sister went to the cemetery at 5:00 a.m. and waited. They set up a smartphone on a nearby tombstone to capture better-quality footage of the scat man, then hid behind a shed. The creepy pee-pee vandal was right on time.

“I could see him walking up to the grave,” Murphy told The Daily Voice. “Believe me, I don’t know how I made it through that. I never had so much rage in my life.”

The video shows the man exiting his car, with his current wife in it—perhaps as an ominous, odorous harbinger of what she has to look forward to when she dies—and promptly taking a leak on his ex-wife’s grave.

“He could have been peeing out there for five years and we wouldn’t have known it,” Murphy complained to The New York Post. “We only found out because of the feces.”

Murphy claims he has talked to the Orangetown police three times now, but they won’t allow him to speak to a detective. He claims he did see the cops give the man a ticket for public urination. For Murphy, that’s not enough. He stated on Facebook that he plans on taking this to the county and the state if necessary.

Murphy believes the 48-year-old grudge started when the Whizzer of Odd abandoned his pregnant wife, the deceased, upon whom he relieves himself daily, and his own family disowned him. The only contact he had with that child was earlier this year. They somehow bumped into each other and the sicko cursed her and her dead mother and said he wish his daughter was dead.

“His family chose my mother over his wife. He said they were all dead to him,” Murphy opined. “That’s probably where the animosity comes in.”

GRUDGE-O-RAMA! The Hatfield-McCoy hillbilly grudge-match, one of Americans longest and best know vendetta-fests, began in 1863 and ended in 1891. The families fought and murdered each other for years but the feud kicked into high gear over over a stolen pig. By the time it was over at least 20 peole had been killed (maybe even closer to 100), eight were sent to prison for life, and one was executed by authorities for murder.

Murphy, a rapper who goes by the name “Diggy Ill Roc,” left his mother a rap song video on Facebook as well as a message,


As I sat in the shadows this morning looking over your grave with every car that passed by, my heart pumped so hard with rage. As long as I breath [sic] on this earth till we meet again, I promise to never let anyone violate your resting place again……. I LOVE YOU MISS YOU SO MUCH & OUR FAMILIES FIGHT FOR JUSTICE IS NOT OVER

Your son

Desecrating a cemetery is a crime in New York if the damages exceed $250. Murphy has paid much more than that to have a hazmat company come out to clean the tombstone and grave decorations and have the grass removed and replaced.

“It’s been hard to sleep. I’ll start to fall out and suddenly I wake up,” Murphy told The Daily Voice. “I don’t care who you are. This has to make you sick. This happening to our mother. It’s horrible.”


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