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McCabe Says Biden Wasn’t Forceful Enough In Speech Bashing Republicans

Former FBI Acting Director Andy McCabe said Thursday night on CNN that President Joe Biden’s speech that largely trashed Republican voters didn’t go far enough.

McCabe and a CNN panel were discussing Biden’s Philadelphia speech, which called Republican supporters of former President Donald Trump “extremists” who allegedly threaten democracy. CNN reporter Eva McKend said the speech was “pro USA” while host John Berman said Biden was simply making a plea to remove “violence” from politics.

But McCabe said while Biden touched on alleged threats toward law enforcement, he could’ve said more. (RELATED: CNN Anchor Brianna Keilar Criticizes Biden For Marines In Philadelphia Speech. White House Responds)

“People in law enforcement and people within I think government more broadly want to hear national political figures, to include of course the president, to come out and absolutely call out political violence, everything from local school board officials to local election officials to our – my own former colleagues at the FBI,” McCabe said. “No place in our country right now [for violence]. They sense very personally and daily the rising tide of threats that they face.”

“I think people would like to have seen a bit more references to accountability. There really wasn’t much talk about what we’re doing about those insurrectionists, he was merely calling out the fact that nobody should support an insurrection,” McCabe continued. “So I think it’s a positive moment for those folks in law enforcement and government but maybe would have liked to have seen more as well.”

Biden said that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic.”

“They fan the flames of political violence.”

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