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Man With Hatchet Terrorizes McDonalds Customers in NYC

I sure as Hell never want to visit New York City..

A man went psychotic at a Delancey Street McDonald’s after having an argument with three other men.

The suspect, 31 year-old Michael Palacios, threw a punch at one man.

A fist fight erupted, with the victim’s two friends joining in.

The three men punched Palacios in the head, who simply shook off the assault, and then calmly pulled out a hatchet.

Palacios went on a rampage, destroying the inside of the restaurant, and threatening the three men and several other patrons with the weapon.

Thank God, nobody was seriously injured, and Palacios eventually left.

The New York Post reported on this disturbing incident:

An ax-wielding wingnut ran amok inside a Delancey Street McDonald’s, terrorizing patrons and causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage, officials said.

What started as a nothing burger — a 2:25 a.m. dispute between the suspect, Michael Palacios, 31, of the Bronx, and three other men — escalated into a rampage.

The three men smacked a smirking Palacios, who then is seen on video putting his right arm against his head before calmly walking over to his backpack, where he pulled out an axe and then threatened his combatants and frightened patrons.

“Bro, please! You better chill!,” one man told him. A crazed Palacios then approached one stunned woman with the axe and shouted, “Don’t be afraid of me, be afraid of him!”

The whole confrontation was caught on video:

The video has blown up on social media.

People have dubbed the man the “hatchet man.”

Only in Kathy Hochul’s state can people laugh about a crazy man threatening people with an ax…

New York governor Kathy Hochul’s opponent Lee Zeldin called out the wave of violence in NYC:

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