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Los Angeles trying to force hotels to house homeless people

Los Angeles trying to force hotels to house homeless people

Homelessness is going up all around the country, but it might be worst in California. They do happen to pay their homeless pretty well out there, after all. And while some cities are all but competing to see just how many homeless people they can have on the streets, no one wants to sleep on the sidewalk. Los Angeles might have come up with a solution. It’s a bad one, but I guess it’s a kind of solution.

In a vote on Friday, “the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted unanimously to place an ordinance that would house homeless people in hotels alongside guests on the March 2024 ballot,” reports KABC. The original plan was to just pass it and start forcing hotels to take in hobos, but they are going to allow the people to decide. Something tells me people won’t like sharing hotels with homeless people.

But then, it isn’t as if people who live in LA are staying in LA hotels often. They just might vote for it to get the hobos off their lawns.

KABC explains that the ordinance would “pay hotels a fair market rate” to take in the homeless in any and all vacancies, which would have to be reported daily by 2 PM. So, if you’re planning to travel to LA–and I don’t exactly know why you would be–make sure you check in before 2 PM, or there won’t be any rooms available.

The ordinance would also “prohibit [hotels] from refusing lodging to unhoused people seeking housing through the program.”

Something tells me hotels are about to start shutting down in California. That’s just a guess, though.

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