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Key Takeaways From Alex Jones’ TPUSA Speech On The Great Reset

What is the Great Reset in summary?

The Great Reset is a plan promoted by the Bilderberg Group, the UN, the World Economic Forum and multinational corporations to enact a form of world government which is basically 21st century feudalism.

Some of the ways this de facto world government will be enforced is through carbon taxes, global IDs, travel bans and lockdowns, in addition to Chinese-style ‘social credit scores’ that may even be tied into digital currencies.

We’ve already seen this when various governments and other entities worked in unison to enact the global Covid-19 lockdowns without questioning the effectiveness of such draconian policies.

And currently we’re seeing this with the energy crisis in Europe in which people will be conditioned to accept a lower standard of living.

In short, the intent is for the world population to life in modern-day serfdom with a much lower standard of living and less ability to travel.

The ‘trigger point’ for the Great Reset could easily be a worldwide economic collapse in which the old system (that was corrupt to begin with) is replaced with something even worse, such as a universal basic income with government-enforced stipulations like the aforementioned social credit score.

How can the public stop the Great Reset?

By making it a topic discussed in mainline, populist politics.

For one thing, the Great Reset is a topic that should be discussed among friends and family, as people have likely seen elements of the Great Reset already in action.

This is because the Great Reset isn’t just a political problem, but it’s also a cultural one as well.

For example, young men are told not to embrace their inner masculinity because it’s “toxic,” even if it doesn’t cause any direct, physical harm to anyone.

Basically speaking, if men act weak, they’re more likely to go along with a political system that’s not in their long-term best interests.

The Great Reset is all about making people “accept” they’re inferior in the system they’re living in, without being able to live up to their true potential.

In other words, you’ll “own nothing and be happy.”

But just as God’s beauty is in your everyday surroundings, there’s also victory everywhere as young people are awakening.

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