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Karine Jean-Pierre blames pandemic gaffe for the auto show.

The White House let Joe Biden give an interview with 60 Minutes and were instantly reminded why they don’t let Joe Biden talk much. Every time he opens his mouth, it takes a team of handlers to push back and say what he said isn’t what he said. Karine Jean-Pierre was dispatched to clean up Biden’s claim the pandemic was over, and convince people that when the President of the United States said the pandemic was over, he didn’t mean it.

KJP is as bad at this as she is at her day job. Long story short: Ignore the words that came out of the President of the United States’ mouth. He was distracted by shiny objects.

“Just to step back for a second, when he made those comments, he was walking through the Detroit car show, the halls of the Detroit car show, he was looking around.”

So many excuses, talking points, and nonanswers to choose from. She could have gone with tried and true leftist excuses like blaming Trump or calling someone a racist. Yet this is what KJP went with. Biden was looking at cars.

Not even the Biden apolgists on Morning Joe, the recognized leader in news for low-information elites, bought this as an excuse.

To be charitable, I think the “point” she was making is that Biden was looking at cars in 2022 when there were no cars to look at in 2021. This is because “the government guys” who tell Joey what the science is placed restrictions that led to the car show remaining closed. In THAT regard, the pandemic was over since Joey loves cars so much. But when Biden said the pandemic is over he didn’t mean over over. The people who control Biden are not done exploiting the pandemic for their non-pandemic agenda.

Biden’s 60 Minutes interview was such a disaster, no one is talking about him saying he might not run for reelection. There are worse things for his handlers to clean up, and they don’t have the strength.

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