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Kari Lake shuts down a reporter when challenged on abortion

Kari Lake has a 2.2% polling lead in the Arizona governor’s race as per the RCP average. I pray she pulls off the win, because it is so enjoyable watching her handle the media. When a conservative shuts down a reporter in the best way possible, it tends to involve righteous indignation and a mic drop moment. All good things. But when Kari Lake does it, it’s with a politeness and flair that there’s no response to. She leaves nothing to earn a “Kari Lake seizes…” or “Kari Lake lashes out…” headline.

These clips need to be saved and taught in GOP candidate school.

Lake does two things effectively here. One, it’s clear the reporter was fishing for a headline that would paint Kari as an abortion extremist. Instead, Lake answered the question by saying that she wants to save lives and offer women a choice other than abortion. Democrats have made it clear they oppose letting women know there is any alternative to abortion. See Warren, Elizabeth.

The other thing is always bringing it back to her opponent Katie Hobbs who a) goes out of her way to avoid the press, and b) because she is a Democrat, never gets called out to explain HER abortion limits. 71% of Americans support an abortion ban at 15 weeks. Hobbs, at least according to Kari Lake, supports abortion up until right before birth.

It would be helpful for Arizona voters in the press could nail Hobbs down on her exact abortion position. After all, the job of the media is to make sure voters have all the information available to make informed decisions.

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