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Huffington Post Criticizes Reality For Not Having As Many LGBTQ People As Netflix Shows

U.S. – “Reality is canceled,” proclaimed a recent Huffington Post article, stating that the real world is officially “over” for not having as much LGBTQ representation as you see on Netflix shows.

“Why is it that Netflix shows have 50% LGBTQ people, but real life only has a very small percentage of the population?” the article read. “If reality truly cared about LGBTQ people, it would insist on including billions and billions of them in its everyday programming.”

Reality was also criticized for insisting there are two biological sexes and that unborn babies are humans, further proving the author’s point that reality is toxic and needs to be canceled.

“Reality is homophobic.”

The author went on to propose a mandatory quota for reality, requiring humanity to have at least 25% LGBTQ representation by the year 2030. If not enough people volunteered for the program, some would be chosen by force and made to choose one of the letters to be.

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