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Houston reporter: inflation ‘b****slapping’ Americans

We here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website know how difficult it can be to come up with unique ways to cover the same topic. There are only so many ways to describe how incompetent Joe Biden is, and when in doubt we aren’t above poop jokes. Skyrocketing inflation, which Democrats plan to fight by…. creating more inflation, is another one. There are only so many ways to describe how inflation under Ol’ Puddinghead is crushing the American family. This is not a problem for a local Houston reporter, who is blowing up the internet for his commentary on the most important of kitchen table issues.

“Inflation continues to b*tchslap the American family, and that includes at the dinner table.”

The investigative team at Outkick has identified the reporter as Isiah Carey. He is an Emmy award winner, the host of The Isiah Factor Uncensored, and responsible for this all-time classic.

News Reporter swallows bug then loses it. Funny! Isiah Carey

My only issue with this analogy is that if Americans are being b*tchslapped by inflation, that would make Joe Biden the pimp. Joe Biden would make a lousy pimp. It’s insulting to pimps. Pimps have an understanding of how the economy works. You can respect a pimp’s hustle. You can’t respect a Biden’s… anything.

Also, pimp’s don’t blame other pimps for their problems. If money isn’t coming in, or the cost of pimping has become too high, you’ll never hear a pimp blame Vladimir Putin. Unlike Joe Biden or the people who control Joe Biden, pimps have dignity and self-respect. Just ask OG’s like Snoop Dogg and Ice-T.

Americans are in fact being b*tchslapped by inflation. Though once the Senate passes this weekend’s reconciliation bill that experts say will increase inflation, we need something worse than b*tchslap to describe it.

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