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Hillary Clinton Mocked Over Appearance at Venice Film Festival

Hillary Clinton’s political career didn’t pan out, so she’s now making rounds at film festivals. 

The failed presidential candidate hit the red carpet for the premiere of director Noah Baumbach’s forthcoming Netflix film “White Noise.” 

Though the 74-year-old’s appearance confused some people, asking why she was even there to begin with. 

Critics were less than thrilled to see Clinton at a Hollywood movie premiere while her own party is quickly running the U.S. into the ground. 

Wearing a blue kaftan and shiny flats instead of her usual manly pantsuit attire, people took to Twitter to express their less-than-impressed thoughts on the whole event. 

This comes after Clinton and her daughter Chelsea will be featured in a series called “Gutsy,” where Hilary attempts to make everyone feel sorry about her and her husband, who publicly had an affair while he was president. 

Clinton claimed that staying with Bill Clinton was the “gutsiest” thing she ever did. However, not everyone bought her charade. 

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce called out Clinton’s “insulting” claim, saying it is absurd. 

“Completely unnecessary in an era of mass homelessness and death,” one Twitter user said. 

“Lock her up for this outfit alone,” another tweeted.

“How many people did she kill before she got there?” another Twitter joked. 

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