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Here’s How the Taliban Is Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Biden’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

It’s now been one year since President Biden pulled up stakes from Afghanistan in a sudden withdrawal that angered America’s longstanding allies, saw 13 U.S. service members killed in the chaos Biden’s lack of planning created, and left an unknown number of Americans behind in a Taliban hellhole. 

Despite President Biden and his administration’s assurances that the Taliban’s aggression in provinces across Afghanistan wouldn’t lead to a rapid toppling of the U.S.-backed government, the Taliban did just that and took Kabul in the final days of America’s military presence. 

As a result, countless terrorist prisoners held across Afghanistan were set free to return to their violent brethren and some $7 billion worth of military equipment fell into the Taliban’s greedy hands. 

On the one-year anniversary marking the end of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, the Taliban did what any terrorists trying to show strength and legitimacy would do with billions worth of fancy American war machines — they threw a despotic parade and party to show off their in-kind donations from Joe Biden. 

The Taliban’s shindig was held at Bagram Airfield, once a main hub of U.S. operations during our forces’ two decades in the country — the one Biden hastily withdrew from in the middle of the night on July 1, 2021, without warning Afghan allies during his withdrawal. 

In addition to the equipment being showcased, Taliban forces in western military uniforms were on hand in formation for review by Taliban leaders. 

As our friends at PJ Media noted, Taliban Prime Minister Mohammad Hassan Akhund proclaimed that “Taliban rule has been good for Afghanistan” and congratulated his fighters on seizing control of Afghanistan while remembering those who “sacrificed their bodies and parts of their bodies for the sake of God.” In addition, he urged those gathered for the demonstrations to continue following the “ideals of Jihad.”

American vehicles, helicopters, planes, and other weaponry were paraded by the terrorist leaders and other spectators in what can only be described as a giant middle finger to the United States and specifically Joe Biden whose humiliating withdrawal failed to plan for the removal or destruction of U.S. military assets. 

As a refresher, questions posed to the Biden administration about what would become of U.S. equipment once the last soldier left Afghanistan were brushed off with an explanation that some 175 U.S. vehicles being left behind at Kabul’s international airport were “disabled” by American forces. But that small number obviously didn’t dent the amount of still-working American war machinery left to the Taliban. 

A Taliban spokesperson at the Bagram parade explained that the show was put on “to celebrate the first anniversary of the withdrawal” and show pride “that our country was liberated on this day and American troops were forced to leave Afghanistan.” 

Joe Biden of course views the departure as a success for his administration despite its chaos and carnage that was on full display for all the world to see. The Taliban, according to the Biden administration, were very “businesslike” during the withdrawal — perhaps that’s because of the billions of dollars worth of military equipment that was transferred from the U.S. to the Taliban when Biden left it behind. 

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