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Guy uses 3D printer to profit at Houston gun buyback program

Gun buyback programs are a way for anti-Second Amendment leftists to control guns without the pesky second amendment getting in the way. In Canada, they ban your guns and tell you you have no right to self-defense. In America, we have a Bill of Rights that says “f*ck that sh*t.” So, as a workaround, liberal cities will use taxpayer money to “heavily suggest” citizens sell the government their guns.

In Houston, one real man-of-genius found a loophole. Our dude is an early contender for Based Badass of the Year.

Ok, so our dude… Let’s just call him Patriot McBasedface–sold 62 guns he made with a 3D printer. He got a $50 Visa gift card for each. His cost to print each gun? Three bucks. So, Patriot McBasedface profited close to $3000 over a technicality because the city was in that big of a rush to virtue signal about gun control.

If, for some reason, you aren’t impressed yet, here is Patriot McBasedface’s rationale.

“The goal was not personal profit, but to send a message about spending $1 million tax dollars on something that has no evidence of any effect on crime.”

The City of Houston has since closed the loophole. Patriot McBasedface is having a shopping spree on Amazon.

What have we learned here, friends? Always read the fine print. You may find yourself in a position to profit off leftist virtue signaling. Should such an opportunity arise, it is a great opportunity–nay, your patriotic duty to take advantage of it.

Also, gun buyback programs are trojan horses. Don’t fall for them.

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