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Gun Control Activist David Hogg on If He’ll Have Kids

Gun control activist David Hogg explained in a Twitter thread on Sunday affordability and the threat of gun violence as reasons why he will not be having children in the future.

Hogg asserted pets are much more affordable and he would rather own a Portuguese water dog, a golden doodle, and Porsche.

“Like the number of people I know who literally throw big actual birthday parties for their dogs that they have friends invited and everything is awesome but also very telling of our changing view of having children and our economic condition,” he said, adding, “Like me? I’m never planning on having kids…Long term it’s cheaper, better for The environment and will never tell you that it hates you or ask you to pay for college.”

Hogg citied knowing parents of children who were shot as another reason why he will not father any children. 

“I know far too many parents who have had their kids killed by gun violence. No one should ever feel that kind of pain. Ever…To be clear I am not telling you what you should or should not do. Deciding to have children or not is your choice. I’m just expressing my own view on it,” he continued.

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