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Google Uses Infowars Video to Test ‘Prebunk’ Technique that ‘Inoculates’ People Against ‘Misinformation’

A Google research team is testing whether people can be “inoculated” against misinformation by being shown informational ads that “prebunk” specific narratives, training them how to spot manipulative rhetorical strategies.

One such study conducted by Google’s Jigsaw division and researchers at Harvard University’s Emergency Preparedness, Research, Evaluation, and Practice Program and American University featured a clip from a video created by Infowars producer Greg Reese.

The purported goal of the study was to “test inoculation messages in the form of short video messages to promote resistance against persuasion by COVID-19 vaccine misinformation,” a strategy dubbed “prebunking,” or “attitudinal inoculation.”

The Jigsaw team “developed 30-second videos to address common rhetorical strategies and false claims that are used to perpetuate anti-vaccination ideas.”

In “prebunk” videos produced for research subjects, a team of physicians wearing lab coats warn viewers about “misinformation” that pushes “dangerous” anti-Covid vaccine viewpoints, while a short clip from a Greg Reese video is played as an example of misinformation.

More on the study from Jigsaw’s Medium blog post:

“We recruited nearly 2,000 U.S. adults into the study who indicated they had not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Our sample was diverse but not fully representative, skewing towards those with more education and who used a mobile device, due to the survey platform we chose for this study. Participants first watched either a prebunking video or a control video that described how to make a paper airplane. Then, all participants were shown a short video containing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation that used the manipulative techniques and claims that participants who watched the prebunking video were warned about.”

According to Jigsaw, the prebunk strategy was successful and convinced some people to take the Covid vaccine.

“The prebunking videos were successful across all three outcomes of interest: People who watched the 30-second video were more likely to recognize rhetorical strategies in the video containing misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. They also reported lower support for sharing or financially supporting the video containing misinformation, and indicated higher willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine compared to the control group.”

Reese tells Infowars he believes Google’s use of his video is proof the establishment fears competing with information conveyed by alternative media sources.

“This all demonstrates the importance of alternative media outlets such as Infowars,” Reese says.

“The mainstream media is confident telling lies only because their Big Tech bedfellows direct all search queries back to them. The internet today is an entirely different experience than it was a decade ago. And this is why I show all the sources. If you have questions, hit pause and start doing some research.”

Another primary target for Google researchers is admittedly Infowars host Alex Jones.

In an interview with tech site The Verge, Jigsaw head of research and development Beth Goldberg admitted the true measure of the project will be to determine whether people retain and employ the anti-misinformation techniques when confronted by figures like Alex Jones.

“The Holy Grail will be: can we actually measure, in the moment, if you’re able to apply that prebunking lesson and recall it a week later when you see Alex Jones using emotional language?” Goldberg told The Verge. “I’m not sure that we will get significantly closer in the near term.”

On its website, Jigsaw claims it wants to “create future-defining technology” and “conduct research to protect open societies, and inspire scalable solutions.”

The site’s use of the term “open societies” is curious, as a quick Google search reveals it’s primarily mentioned by the likes of globalist George Soros and his philanthropic Open Societies Foundation.

The message is clear: it’s not enough for Big Tech to ban Infowars and Alex Jones from their search results, video platforms and social networks; the technocratic elite need to psychologically manipulate the masses to suppress a global awakening and keep Infowars’ message of truth from resonating.

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Here’s Greg Reese’s report cited by Google titled, “SHOCKING! Historian Exposes Bill Gates’ Ties To NAZIs And More”:

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