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Florida couple arrested for sexually assaulting… their dog

A pair of disturbed Floridians were arrested on Tuesday, reports the New York Post, for what the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office called, “willingly engag[ing] in sexual activity with [a] dog on multiple occasions.”

To be specific–because we never want to leave things uncertain–it was the female member of this duo who got down with the doggy on those multiple occasions. Her male cohort Geoffrey Springer “recorded the encounters and put them on a hard drive.”

Look, I’m going to level with y’all. What is wrong with people?! We have a Biden Administration official who is very pro-bestiality. People are pretending to be dogs all over the place as a kind of sexual game or something. And now we have some dude recording his girlfriend getting it on with their dog?! I just… I don’t know anymore… I don’t even want to imagine just how prevalent this repulsive behavior actually is because I know, regardless, I’m not going to like the answer.…

The PCSO reports that “The dog was surrendered to deputies and taken to a local pet hospital for routine examination, it had no visible injuries. Calello and Springer were taken into custody and charged with Sexual Activity Involving Animals.”

I hope that poor doggo receives therapy as part of his routine medical care. And I’m glad both of these weirdos were charged. But seriously, what is going on?! Why?!

Now, thanks to the Post, I can tell you one thing that might help solve the why. Calello is originally from New Jersey. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but I’d direct you to see what kind of people the citizens of New Jersey overwhelmingly vote for… Psst–it’s not Republicans.

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