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Employee Coaxes Chimpanzee That Escaped From Zoo With Rain Jacket And A Hug

An employee at a Ukrainian zoo coaxed a roaming chimpanzee that escaped with a rain jacket and a hug in an adorable viral video.

The chimpanzee, known as Chichi, escaped from a Kharkiv zoo Monday and began wandering the streets, The Guardian reported. Zookeepers tried to persuade ChiChi to return to the enclosure but were unable to coax her, according to the report.

Video footage shows ChiChi meandering around the streets before a zookeeper, wearing a yellow raincoat, tried to talk ChiChi into returning. Subsequent footage then shows ChiChi finally caving in after it began to rain.

Adorable footage shows ChiChi running to the zookeeper who dressed the chimp in the yellow rain coat before ChiChi hugs the employee. Other zookeepers then came over and put ChiChi on a bike to return her to the zoo. (RELATED: Woman Having ‘Affair’ With Chimpanzee Banned From Zoo)

ChiChi recently arrived at the zoo after having been evacuated from the Feldman Ecopark amid the war in Ukraine. More than 100 animals were killed before evacuation at the Feldman Ecopark, The Guardian reported.

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