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Elon Musk tells Nelk Boys about feds drug testing him

If you were to pinpoint when Elon Musk went from being a progressive hero to a based one, it started when he smoked pot with Joe Rogan on Rogan’s podcast. Maybe Joe’s weed was laced with red pills. But that was the moment things turned around. Democrats started to hate him because he expressed occasional opinions they disagree with. Conservatives cheered his edgelordiness and support his attempts to burn Twitter down to show it the light. As it turns out, Elon got into a little trouble with the feds after the incident.

He made the claim to The Nelk Boys on their Full Send Podcast. This starts around the 28:00 mark.

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Here’s the problem. Weed? Ganja? The sticky-icky-icky? It’s still federally illegal. And Elon Musk’s Space-X holds a number of government contracts. Musk’s competitors called up the feds to ask “What’s up with Jay and/or Silent Bob over there? Are you going to stand for this?”

No, the feds were NOT going to stand for this. They randomly had Elon piss into a cup to make sure he wasn’t a drug addict. Also to make sure his one puff of Rogan’s herb didn’t act as a gateway drug as the 1936 documentary Reefer Madness taught us it was going to.

Elon Musk should consider himself lucky that he only smoked pot and didn’t briefly trespass on federal property. The feds would have him in solitary for an undetermined amount of time.

That one toke changed it all. Not that I’m saying it made Elon one of us. His views on guns need some work, and I don’t think he is as free speechy as advertised.

It’s just odd that a puff of a marijuana cigarette was the start of a green energy-obsessed billionaire falling out of favor with the left and into the arms of the right. We live in odd times.

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