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Doorbell camera catches response to an Anti-Biden doormat

Doorbell cameras are an endless source of quality entertainment. Our favorites are the ones where porch pirates don’t realize the amazon box was rigged with explosives. Every so often, you catch someone in the act of the highest form of patriotism: dissent. A delivery man was dropping a box off when he reacted to an anti-Biden doormat. His response is so perfect, it looked like the homeowner started a TikTok account just to share the video. In under two days, it’s already over 300,000 views.

Tweets embed better. Plus, unlike the commies who work at Twitter, TikTok is owned by Communist China.

“F*ck Joe Biden.”

“Damn right!”

“F*cking prick.”

It’s remarkable the diverse group of people who dislike Joe Biden. Whether it’s Times Square tourists who say he’s f*cking up America or people on the beach in Miami who think he’s a “ho,” they really hate Ol’ Puddinghead.

“F*ck Joe Biden” is, of course, a reference to the popular “F*ck Joe Biden” chants that have broken out at live events. The first recorded incident was at a Coastal Carolina game in September of 2021. However, there are some who place the first “F*ck Joe Biden” chant at a Brantley Gilbert concert the month prior. Whoever started it, sports fans will no doubt be continuing in when college football returns in a few weeks.

Whoever this deliveryman is, congratulations. Without even knowing it, you have been awarded a 10/10 for content. Please stay hydrated becaause it’s a scorcher out there today. Also, f*ck Joe Biden.

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