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Don Lemon reparations from Royal Family with British Pundit

As soon as the Queen died, leftists were on Twitter throwing around the words “colonialism” and “reparations.” I immediately tune those people out because if you use “colonialism” unironically there is an 85% chance you don’t know what you’re talking about and are unpleasant to be around. Other people can’t get enough of spreading progressive talking points, like CNN’s Don Lemon.

Lemon was recently demoted from hosting his own primetime show to co-hosting a morning show with two other people. In one of his final nighttime gigs, he interviewed British Pundit Hilary Fordwich. Lemon asked if she thought it was time for the Royal Family to spread their wealth and start handing out the reparations. Methinks Lemon assumed, since she was British, that she’d be a reliable socialist and would agree with him. Nope.

Or, mostly nope. She supports reparations. The debate is who should pay them.

Fordwich with great aplomb (shout out to Courtney) could see reparations being paid for slavery if you went back to the supply chain. Where does the supply chain begin? “That was in Africa. And when it crossed the entire world, when slavery was taking place, which was the first nation in the world that abolished slavery? The first in nation world to abolish it, it was started by William Wilberforce, was the British. In Great Britain, they abolished slavery.”

Don, over to you.

Fordwich, such a glorious British name, continued: “Two thousand naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people. They had them on cages waiting in the beaches. No one was running into Africa to get them.”

Don, do you wanna chime in here?

Fordwich wasn’t done: “And I think you’re totally right. If reparations need to be paid, we need to go right back to the beginning of that supply chain and say, ‘Who was rounding up their own people and having them handcuffed in cages?’ Absolutely.”

Fordwich thinks that, maybe, the descendants of those families where they died ending slavery should receive some money for it. Anything in response, Don?

The awkward silence when Fordwich was done helped drive home how bad Lemon got rekt. It was an excellent way to wish the demoted Lemon well on his future morning endeavors.’

God save the Queen. Or… are we saving the King now? I’m still processing a tweet I saw that James Bond no longer services On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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