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Dems double down on attacking Fox News’ Bill Melguin

It’s clear Democrats believe their immigration problems are not the border crisis of their own creation. It’s ackshually Bill Melugin reporting on their border crisis. It started as all things do, with a Media Matters hit piece back in May. When Ron DeSantis forced Democrats’ hands and made it impossible for the left to ignore the crisis any longer, the White House turned their attacks to delegitimizing Melguin.

Anonymous sources complained to Politico that Melguin’s reporting only reported on the facts on the ground and didn’t include the context of the White House’s talking points. Another Democrat felt it necessary to contact Politico on their own, claiming Politico left out the, quote, “best part.” Bill Melguin had a part-time job at Abercrombie and Fitch, who only hired really, really good-looking people.

In 2011, Melugin, who went by Billy then, told Arizona State University’s student paper that Abercrombie was “always going out into the public trying to find people that fit their look.” He explained he was outside, studying for a test, when “two of their recruiters came up to me, said I had a great look and offered me a part-time job.”

The left thinks Bill Melguin working in the mall while he was in college somehow delegitimizes his reporting eleven years later as a grown-ass man. Melguin worked at a clothing store. I worked at a deli in college. You probably had various part-time jobs yourself. People working in the White House and/or in Democrat politics who never worked a real job in their life (work in government or non-profits don’t count) look down on that. Sell clothes to work his way through college is the attack leftists are going with over Melguin’s reporting that the rest of corporate media tries their best to ignore.

Biden’s border agents open the gate for illegal immigrants. Other migrants thank Joe Biden for his open borders. But the problem is that the guy reporting these stories has high cheekbones. And Democrats wonder why so many Americans hate them.

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