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Dan Rather Questions CNN’s New Motives

Former CBS News reporter and journalist Dan Rather questioned CNN’s sudden, but long-coming shift in its coverage. 

“What is going on at CNN?” Rather tweeted, added “it’s a serious question. There is a lot of speculation on directives and motives. What’s really going on? And is it being noticed by the audience?”

This comes hours after the liberal network announced the departure of CNN White House correspondent John Harwood. The latest of several exits of long-time reporters, including Brian Stelter, to leave the network as the company tries to re-brand itself. 

Rather expressed his concern that CNN is abandoning its political stance of being far-left. 

CNN has made several moves in the last couple of months as viewership fell exponentially because of its lack of truthiness in its reporting.

The networks new boss Chris Licht has hinted several times that it is time for CNN to shy away from partisan, left wing politics and take more of a center approach when it comes to reporting. 

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann was quick to respond to Rather’s tweet accusing Licht of cutting off “liberal heads,” suggesting that he is not a fan of the new boss. 

“It’s a long story but the new president is there to cut off the liberal heads. Not a coincidence that two ambitious on-air people tweeted the same GOP talking points about Biden and the Marines. This is the background on the new hatchet man – he tried the same stuff at MSNBC,” Olbermann tweeted. 

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