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Crist Says He is “So Damn Proud” of Biden’s Thursday Speech · The Floridian

Few Democrats have outwardly spoken much about President Biden’s (D) Philadelphia speech calling “MAGA Republicans” a threat to democracy last Thursday. At most, as The Floridian has covered, they have ignored the condemnations Biden leveled and focused on the positives, or using the same “MAGA Republican” phrase in their own tweets. In a Friday speech at a church, Democrat candidate for Florida Governor Charlie Crist praises Biden’s speech, saying he is “so damn proud of him for it.” DeSantis-affiliated Twitter account DeSantis War Room posted the clip Tuesday afternoon.

“Charlie Cringe worshipping Joe Biden again: “How many of you saw Biden’s speech last night on national TV? God love him. He told it straight… The president laid it out, he didn’t hold back and I am so damn proud of him for it,”” the tweet says.

“What I do know,” Crist says in the video, “is that we are the people. We the People. How many of you saw Joe Biden’s speech last night on live TV?”

Crist is met with applause, though the camera shows a rather small crowd.

“God love him,” he continues. “God love him, and I do. And he told it straight… Democracy is at stake. A woman’s right to choose is at stake. Our freedoms are at stake. And the President laid it out, and he didn’t hold back. And I am so damn proud of him for it. You know, we have to have that kind of courage, to just tell it like it is. I’m going to be a happy guy, you know I’m a nice fellow, but don’t ever confuse my kindness with weakness. We’re going to take it to them.”

When one considers the previous comments Crist has made about so-called “MAGA Republicans,” this should come as no surprise.

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