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Confirmed: World Still Fallen | Babylon Bee

WORLD – A report released by an international coalition of representatives from various nations around the globe confirmed Friday that the world is still a deeply fallen place, with nearly every aspect of everyday life feeling the effects of mankind’s fall from grace.

From relationships to governments to the very fabric of society, the report revealed that all tenets of life are still experiencing the devastating effects of sin and separation from God. Faltering economies, violence, poverty, famine, drought, and war were all determined to be a direct result of living in a broken, fallen world that needs the gospel of Christ.

“Yup, still pretty screwed up down here,” one representative from the United States said. “It’s as though the whole human race was plunged into sin and is still suffering the far-reaching effects of violating a holy God’s plan for us.”

Representatives recommended bowing the knee to Christ as a surefire remedy to be born anew and given the ability to suffer through the trials and tribulations of this world while experiencing new hope for your future in eternity.

At publishing time, relieved sources had been able to confirm that one day soon, all things will be made new, and God’s justice and righteousness will once again reign on the earth.

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