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Community shares reasons to be thankful | Local News

Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln, to be celebrated the final Thursday in November. That date was later changed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who designated the fourth Thursday in November for the celebration, to appease merchants wanting to increase retail sales during the Great Depression.

To celebrate locally, the Progress asked residents to tell us what they are most thankful for this year.

Sue Simmons, Wal-Mart employee

“My co-workers; jerky; friends; family; customers who appreciate how hard we work; $2 burgers on Tuesday from the Dairy Queen; a roof over my head.”

Sue’s co-worker, Richard, said he is thankful for “socks, blankets and warm wishes.”

Kathleen Glidewell, Educational Administration

“Salvation in Jesus Christ; All of my family; my church; friends; health; my country; my freedom; my memories; my home.”

Autumn Kearney, 6, daughter of Michelle and Jason Kearney

“Jesus; Mommy and daddy; cats and dogs; my home and my house; my family; everything I have; Mimi and Gigi and Papaw; Pepper (her dog); Baby Izzy and Baby Hagen (her cousins); Thanksgiving; all we have.”

Jacksonville ISD Jr. Varsity Basketball players:

NeeNee Gray, 14: “Being alive; freedom; electricity; safe community; modern healthcare”

Ashunti Donnell, 15: “Happiness; teammates; opportunity to receive a great education; good health; teachers”

Taniga Houston, 15: “Jesus; Chick-fil-A; coaches; friends and family; house”

Nadajia Ross, 17: “My parents’ support; my education; clothes; my job; my house”

Alex McKnight, 18: “Family; job; my truck, so I can have a job; food; baseball”

New resident Mason Lovett, 19: “Fishing; hunting; girls; God; Mom”

Trish Helm, JISD teacher and longtime vocalist

“Grandkids; Ten Commandments; singing; Bible; Jacksonville schools; teachers; Central Baptist Church; baseball; siblings; and chocolate, of course!”

Gene Young, Lake Striker, former pastor and missionary

“I am thankful for: a personal relationship with Jesus and He wants everyone to trust Him, as Romans 10:13 says so; for a wonderful, Godly, loving wife; for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; loving friends who pray for me daily; for my church; my good health; for God using us as missionaries in Montana; for 38 years in the oil field in the drilling and safety division.”

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