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CNN’s Don Lemon Schooled With History After Calling For Reparations

CNN’s Don Lemon was left speechless after a guest educated him on the history of slavery in response to his calls for reparations.

Lemon was floating different dollar amounts for reparations to compensate for “colonialism” when royal commentator Hilary Fordwich shut him down with facts inconvenient to his racially divisive narrative.

“Some people want to be paid back, and members of the public are wondering, ‘why are we suffering when you have all of this vast wealth?’ Those are legitimate concerns,” Lemon argued Monday.

Fordwich agreed that reparations are fine as long as the public votes on it and correctly determines the beginning of the slavery “supply chain.”

“Where was the beginning of the supply chain? That was in Africa,” Fordwich said. “And across the entire world, when slavery was taking place, which was the first nation in the world to abolish slavery? The first nation in the world to abolish it – it was started by William Wilberforce – was the British. In Great Britain, they abolished slavery.”

“2,000 naval men died on the high seas trying to stop slavery. Why? Because the African kings were rounding up their own people, they had them in cages waiting in the beaches. No one was running into Africa to get them.”

Fordwich concluded that given the origins of slavery starting with the African kings, the British families of descendants of those who died trying to stop slavery should be financially compensated if reparations are enacted.

“And I think you’re totally right,” she told Lemon. “If reparations need to be paid, we need to go right back to the beginning of that supply chain and say, ‘who was rounding up their own people and having them handcuffed in cages?’ Absolutely. That’s where they should start.”

“And maybe, I don’t know, the descendants of those families where they died in the high seas trying to stop the slavery – those families should receive something too, I think, at the same time,” she added.

This is how you shut down a race baiter: invoke truth and history.

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