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CNN Commentator Now Believes Dems Could Do More Than Hold On to Majorities

CNN political commentator Van Jones says the upcoming midterms could see Democrats keep their slim majorities in the House and Senate and that there could even be a “blue wave” as President Joe Biden has gone on the offensive against half the country. 

Jones explained his reason for thinking that Democrats’ new fortune is due to liberals being invigorated over issues such as abortion and former President Donald Trump gearing up for a run in 2024. 

“Coming into Labor Day weekend, you are starting to see the beginnings of what could be a blue wave. I don’t think people understand, on the Democratic side, how upset and how motivated Democrats are. There was a season of shame from the time that the Afghanistan exit was botched and this whole year of getting nothing done where Democrats had our heads held down,” Van Jones said. 

“Now, because Biden has been so successful on his legislative agenda and Republicans have been so scary in what they’re talking about, taking away women’s right to vote — women’s right to choose, attacking the vote, and then you have Donald Trump basically saying, ‘If you come to Washington, D.C., and beat people up on my behalf, I will give you a pardon.’ That scares the crap out of people, and that’s making people want to stand up and go vote,” he continued. 

While Jones could have a point about Democrats becoming more motivated over some issues, it does leave out how Republicans are becoming equally motivated, if not more, over the FBI raid of Trump’s Florida home and the speech Biden gave to the nation on Thursday, where he declared half the country to be a threat. It is no question we find ourselves in heated times that seem to be unending. 

The midterms will certainly be a test as to which side really wants to win in 2024. The GOP has many things going for it in the upcoming elections, but as we’ve seen, the political powers that be like to pull their weight around to influence the outcome. 

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