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CNN analyst exposes detail in Inflation Reduction Act

The Senate is expected to pass the “Inflation Reduction Act” today, even though experts say it raises taxes on the middle class and doesn’t reduce inflation. When confronted with this inconvenient fact, the White House’s excuse is that those reports are incomplete. They don’t factor in the climate savings or the prescription drug provisions. CNN analyst Scott Jennings read the fine print, and there’s a reason why those things aren’t factored in. They don’t kick in until years from now.

The prescription drug reductions don’t happen until 2026. Inflation is a 2022 problem.

“The prescription drug stuff doesn’t happen for years. The climate stuff is out in the future somewhere. The main issue is inflation, and it does nothing despite the bill’s title.”

I don’t know why CNN keeps inviting Scott Jennings on. All he does is cause trouble.

He’s right, though, try as corporate media outlets night to claim otherwise. Democrats have named something the “Inflation Reduction Act” for the same reason they say abortion reduces inflation. They lie. They care more about their priorities than they do things that matter to the American people. So, they mislabel things based on thinking voters are too dumb to know any better.

Democrats want to be able to campaign by saying they voted to “reduce” inflation and Republicans voted against it. It helps them get media attaboys and have something to print on mailers.

Two or three months from now, when inflation is worse–because the Democratic bill raised taxes and increased spending–voters are going to want to know what happened to the act of reducing inflation. But hey, at least Joe Biden will have a talking point.

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